Hanna Greally

HANNA GREALLY, Author: was born in Athlone in 1925.  She grew up in Pearse Street, and was a popular and happy young girl. At nineteen she was admitted to St Loman’s Hospital in Mullingar and remained there until she negotiated her own release in 1962 having agreed to go into the care of Coolamber Manor, a state-run rehabilitation centre.

Her book ‘Bird’s Nest Soup’ (1971) gives a gripping picture of life in a provincial asylum.  A second book ‘Flown the Nest’ (2009) deals with her later life including her rehabilitation and life in rural Roscommon.  Her works have inspired drama as well as radio and television documentaries. Hanna Greally died in 1987 and is buried in Cornamagh Cemetery.

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@westmeathculture today's #SparkOfGenius is the story of Hanna Greally. Born in Athlone, she was admitted to St. lomans psychiatric hospital when she was 19, and remained there, against her will until 1962. #athlone #westmeath #localhistory #westmeathpeople #HannaGreally@WestmeathCulture ♬ Sparks - Instrumental - INST