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Westmeath Arts Grants

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The Westmeath Arts Office supports artists and the creation of new work through Arts Grants, Awards, Bursary and Funding Opportunities. 2022 marked the first year of the Westmeath Film Award, which offered €10,000 to a filmmaker towards the cost of production to be shot in Westmeath.

Creative Ireland Grants also provide support to local communities, encouraging cultural participation through community, artistic and creative activities.

NameDetailsOpen/ Closed
Westmeath Film Award 2023This award is funded by Westmeath County Council Arts Office and the Arts Council. It aims to foster talent, creativity and activity in filmmaking in County Westmeath. A grant of €10,000 will be awarded to a filmmaker towards the cost of production of a short drama or documentary film of 10-12 min duration to be shot in Westmeath in 2023.

Westmeath Film Award 2023
Open 17 April - 22 May 2023
Creative Ireland Grants 2023Creative Ireland Grants provide support to local and community, artistic and creative activities and projects that will encourage cultural participation.

Westmeath Creative Ireland Grants 2023
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