Create a Haven for Wildlife

Download an illustrated guide written by Juanita Browne,
with tips on how to look after wildlife in your garden.
This Guide was produced by Local Authority Heritage Officers across Ireland,
with help from the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Heritage Council.
Hardcopies are available from the Heritage Office: 087 6074496

How to build nest boxes for birds and bats?

Are you feeling creative? Would you like to do your bit to help birds and bats by providing safe nesting sites.
How to guides have been prepared by BirdWatch Ireland for bird boxes, barn owl boxes and bat boxes

Focus on Hedgerows

A newspaper article on the biodiversity and heritage value of our native hedgerows.

Focus on Wetlands

A newspaper article focusing on the importance of Westmeath’s wetland habitats.

Focus on Woodlands

A news paper article which looked at the loss of woodland habitat and its impact on certain mammal species.

Focus on Citizen Science

An article which looks at the role that amateur or “citizen scientists” can play in recording biodiversity.