My Open Library

The My Open Library initiative allows you to access from 8am through until 10pm, seven days a week. Your library is your space to relax and read, study and research, write and use the computers and have access to a printer.

My Open Library is available in Castlepollard, Moate and Mullingar libraries, to sign up to become a My Open Library member contact library staff and they will take you through the induction process.

Documentation & Policies

Services available during My Open Library hours include

  • returning and borrowing books
  • collect reserved items
  • public computers
  • wi-fi
  • printing, including collecting prints sent remotely
  • photocopying
  • study spaces

You must register in person and take part in an induction. This induction will point out the self-services available during unstaffed hours, and will demonstrate the safety procedures in place. My Open Library membership is available to members aged 16 and over. Parents or guardians must be present to register members aged 16 and 17.

My Open Library