Westmeath Film Award

About the Award

This award is funded by Westmeath County Council Arts Office and the Arts Council. It aims to foster talent, creativity and activity in filmmaking in County Westmeath. A grant of €10,000 will be awarded to a filmmaker towards the cost of production of a short drama or documentary film of 10-12 min duration to be shot in Westmeath in 2023. We are seeking proposals and applications from film makers who have a script that has been developed, seen by a Director and has had input from a Producer. The Award is in the form of a grant and is set at €10,000 towards the cost of the production. We are looking for innovative, entertaining stories by talented filmmakers who, if selected, must set and shoot their project in County Westmeath. Westmeath County Council will offer location support and guidance as requested, especially in relation to accessing locations and local resources.

Arts Officer Miriam Mulrennan says “We are grateful to the Arts Council of Ireland for the annual partnership funding the organisation provides, which allows us to create this new award, at an opportune time for film development in the county”.

Evaluation and Assessment

Proposals will be evaluated under the following criteria:

  • Presentation professionalism of proposalpresentation. (10%)
  • Originality uniqueness and creativity and originality of the story. (30%)
  • Clarity in dialogues, narrative arc, sound, visual and understanding. (20%)
  • Plot how the story unfolds. The actions, events, conflicts and turning points that propel the story forward. (20%)
  • Feasibility of Production elements (production plan, shooting schedule, budget). (20%)

How Can I Apply?

Filmmakers are invited to submit applications from 17th April - 22nd May 2023. Once applications have opened, applicants will be invited to submit the following:

  1. Completed Application form
  2. Proof of Westmeath address of main applicant (Writer/Director/Producer)
  3. Script (without authors’ names)
  4. Logline & Synopsis of project (including general plot outline)
  5. A production plan
  6. Director & Producers input/notes
  7. Financial / budget details (clear and comprehensive)

Applications must be submitted by email to arts@westmeathcoco.ie by 4pm on Monday 22nd May 2023.

Download the 2023 Application Form.

Download the 2023 guidelines.

Westmeath Film Award Guidelines & Conditions:

  1. Quality proposals are encouraged from filmmakers who have developed their professional practice in filmmaking.
  2. One of the core creative team (Writer/Director/Producer) must be from or living in Westmeath. (Proof of personal address is required)
  3. Applicants must have a short drama script or documentary treatment, of 10-12 minutes in duration to shoot in Westmeath. Film application that indicate/read as longer than 15 minutes will be deemed ineligible.
  4. Applicants must illustrate that they have full legal rights to the material they are submitting.
  5. Applications need to provide all the inclusions indicated in the Application check-list.
  6. The shoot must take place in Westmeath, and thus applications need to display knowledge of Westmeath as a location for filming.
  7. Only one application per filmmaker or legal entity will be accepted.
  8. Opportunities to have the film screened in Westmeath will be explored, and suggestions around same may be included in application.
  9. Westmeath County Council cannot undertake to support a proposition that would conflict its mandate as a local authority.
  10. Projects that need significant additional finance (e.g. drama based), have been part-shot or have been shot entirely are not eligible to apply.
  11. The Westmeath Film Award is to a maximum of €10,000. If a balance of funds is required, then the source must be identified clearly and detailed in your proposal.
  12. Applicants must illustrate that they will have the production completed, including all post production by the early December 2023. If a production has not commenced within this timeframe then Westmeath County Council retains the right to award the Award to number two on the panel.
  13. All applicants must have an Irish Revenue Access Number (formerly Tax Clearance Certificate) from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners.
  14. Codes of Practice Observance; Child First Guidelines including appropriate Garda Vetting procedures, Health & Safety Regulations, Equal Opportunities policies and procedures must be in place and adhered to where relevant and in all cases.
  15. Westmeath County Arts Office and the Arts Council must be acknowledged by the applicant on all websites and social media platforms, publicity, press and marketing material produced in connection with the Film and Film Award.
  16. Westmeath County Council’s logo and the logo of the Arts Council must be included in the final cut, in all associated printed material, on posters, flyers etc and on all websites. Copies of all such material produced must be sent to Westmeath Arts office.
  17. Please note that Westmeath County Council reserves the right not to award the film award if none of the applications received are deemed to be suitable. In this instance Westmeath County Council reserves the right to pursue a different process.
  18. Eligibility and compliance with these guidelines and conditions does not guarantee receipt of an award.
  19. Acceptance of these conditions and guidelines is implied by submission of an Application to the Westmeath Film Award 2023.