Patchwork poetry #9

The following Patchwork Poem comprises Lines from the work of Fintan O’Toole, a lover of music and of words, and frequent visitor to Athlone Library in his time.  The poems in full can be read in the fourth Collection by the local Poetry Collective called “Poetry in the Park”, and this was published in 2018 by Bhí Mé Anseo Publications.

The dark music of your eyes
it forever haunts me inside
two steps forward
five steps back    (The dark music of your eyes)

Please give it to me    (We melt)

A small forest of memory
a broken down willow
sea sapped broken tree    (A small forest)

A night well spent
a night alone    (Jagged Grass Blades)

Patchwork Poem by Aine, inspired by Fintan O’Toole