2023 Reading Inspiration

As 2022 draws to a close it is time to start thinking about the new year, and some 2023 Reading Inspiration!

Why not sign up for our reading challenge, it is simple to take part. We'll provide you with twelve prompts to inspire your reading over the next year. You don't have to read all twelve books, these goals are just there to provide you with some inspiration.

The prompts

  1. Around the world - Read a book set in a country you have never visited
  2. Cloak and Dagger - Read any mystery, suspense, or thriller book
  3. Mind yourself - Read any mental health themed book, fiction or non-fiction you decide.
  4. A taste of home - Read a book by an Irish author
  5. Trust your librarian - Read any book recommended by a staff member in any of our libraries
  6. Judged by the book cover - Read a book because you love the cover
  7. Adaptation fun - Read a book that has been adapted into a film or TV show
  8. Young at heart - Read a children's classic
  9. Revisit your past - Read a book you read and loved at least ten years ago
  10. Myth and legend - Read a book that features a mythical creature
  11. All about love - Read a romance
  12. Fresh as a daisy - Read a book published in 2023

We will add some suggested titles to each category, but you can choose any book you think fits the prompt. And we'd love to know what the 2023 Reading Inspiration encourages you to read, so do share on social media, or by reviewing the title on our catalogue.