Aine reviews The History of Bees by Maja Lunde

This could have been a non-fiction title, and have become heavy with data, instead it is a work of fiction enriched by all the research it must have required. The book has three intertwinning stories, with beginnings in England in 1852, the United States in 2007, and China in 2098. And all this is what attracted me to read a book all about bees.

The stories are of three families and related characters. The settings are beautifully painted and are brilliantly contrasting. So it is no surprise to learn that Maja Lunde from Norway, is a screen-writer and author of books for all ages.

I was curious in particular to see how she would imagine the future in China, and a conversation with the author feature at the end of the book explains this. Apparently, there is a Norwegian saying that translates Write where it burns. For Maja this would be human nature and nature itself, and my discovery was that Maja's research and powers of description and storytelling made this an informed and wonderful read.

This is the caliber of fiction that encourages people to dip into unheard of authors, and in these times especially it has become a highly rewarding habit. Enjoy your reading

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