Home Energy Saving Kits at Westmeath Libraries

As we move into the colder months of the year, our demand for energy rises. The Home Energy Saving Kit by Codema is an easy way to measure your energy usage and discover practical ways that you might be able to reduce your bills. The kits are available to borrow from Mullingar Library and Aidan Heavey Library, Athlone.

Check where your energy is going
The kit contains five tools you can use to measure how your home uses energy and where energy might be escaping. 

Find out what it’s costing you
Once you’ve measured your energy use, use the workbook to calculate how much it’s costing, and how much you might be able to save on bills.

See how you can make savings
Once you’ve discovered where your energy is going, check out the easy to follow guide to start making real savings whether you own or rent, live alone or share your home.

Whether you own, rent or share your home — every change will make a difference. To request to borrow the kit contact either Mullingar Library or Aidan Heavey Library, Athlone.