Let's talk Climate Change

Niamh Shaw is no stranger to TV and radio. Last night (16th November 2022) Dr Niamh Shaw spoke to a Westmeath Group (on zoom) about Climate Change. She explained how her interest in, and knowledge of, Space has given her a  greater understanding of our place in the universe and that while planet earth may adapt to changes in climate it will be more difficult for us as a species.  She spoke about her experience in a space training camp in the desert and how that changed her perspective on how we live and how we could live - our basic needs for survival. 

If you missed Niamh’s talk  you can join her on Tues 23rd when she will be talking  more about the no-jargon science behind Climate Change. Exploring what we as individuals can do to help lessen the impact of Climate Change and how we can adapt to a changing Climate. Register on eventbrite to get a reminder email with the link.

Or join us on Zoom on the 23rd November at 7.30pm by clicking here : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89090059701?pwd=dHMvbVdSc1hmaFFBNWx6ajZQNWRKZz09

For more information on Westmeath's response to Climate Change please see Westmeath County Council's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2019-2024