Patchwork Poetry #8

Orfhlaith Foyle is an intriguing Wordsmith – a Poet, Novelist, Playwright and Short Story writer.  Orfhlaith was born in Nigeria to Irish parents.  Around 1976 she came St. Peter’s N.S., Athlone.  She made a gentle entrance, not knowing how to us she was quite exotic.  Her life and career took her to numerous countries, ensuring her suitability for this year’s theme for Poetry Day Ireland –  “New Directions: Maps and Journeys”. 

Here are various quotes from Orfhlaith’s  Anthology “Red Riding Hood’s Dilemma”, published by Arlen House in 2010.  (And at the end of each line, in parentheses, is the poem’s title.)

Someone crept up to me knowledgeable and sweet,
with an eye for my sins (Someone crept up to me)

He gave me a dress
to cover my knees and the
lace on the hem whispers on my skin (Crickets)

He likes what my pen paints (Van Gogh visits)

I did not turn out good.  (Jesus in the Painting, Mary in Blue)

Of course, I was already in love
with someone else,
not too different
and reasonably safe. (Missed Opportunity)

Patchwork Poem by Aine from Athlone, based on the work of Orfhlaith Foyle