A walk along Athlone's Coosan Point Road

Do you feel that the routes you take for regular exercise are currently “On Repeat”?  Well here is your opportunity to shake that up!  With the “Fresh Eyes” project, you are being asked to observe, notice, admire; then capture what you loved in a photo.

Of my local routes, the favourite I have chosen for this project is Athlone’s Coosan Point Road.  Why?  For its wrought iron gates- because where function and beauty meet, that is what appeals to me. On my most recent jaunt I parked up my bike at every gate, no matter its condition, and here are my various favourite shots.

Wrought iron gates pre-date the mid C 19 (which marks the importation of pig-iron which couldn’t be forged).  Blacksmithing often spanned two or maybe three generations.  A family style could develop, resulting in gate features recognisable as the signature of that particular forge: the design of a latch or a gusset, or the particular twist in a rail.  Nowadays, the old gate may be replaced, but is still evidenced by pier and hanger.  I loved having an excuse to study them all!

If you too are tempted to partake in the “Fresh Eyes” project, the closing date is not til the end of February, and there’s plenty of scope as the evenings get brighter!