Red on the Holly

Westmeath Libraries invite you to celebrate this Christmas with one of our local poets, Michael Walsh, a native of Fore, Co. Westmeath. In this collection, Red on the Holly published in the 1930s, Walsh shares with the reader a "gift book of Christmas song".

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The year is young when she comes in daisies
Frail wings of white in the April dew,
Her heart is high in its princely promise
Tinting the valley with bells of blue.

But all her glory of blossom ended,
Her Joy of Morning is yet to be
When out of the mists and moors of winder
She comes in red to the holly tree.

Contents of Red on the Holly:

  • Holly
  • A Christmas Wish
  • The first Christmas morning
  • An evergreen grove in winter
  • The Magi
  • The old year
  • A winter sunset
  • A New Year wish
  • The year to be
  • Song from the sloe tree
  • In December

Have you a favourite Christmas or Winter inspired poem?

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This article was published on: 21st December, 2022
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