The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd

Margaret from Kilbeggan Library reviews The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd.

Nan Shepherd offers a depth of scientific knowledge and lived experience from the point of view that "each of the senses is a way into what the mountain can give". The mountain being the Caingorms of Scotland. It is an invitation into a world of the beauty and harsh reality of these vast habitats in their pristine glory. Her particular artistic, poetic and philosophical style add warmth and companionship to the listener as she takes us through seasonal changes on the range. Peppered with anecdotes and reflections of the people who live on, and visit the mountain, are insightful and revealing. The choice of Tilda Swinton to voice the audio is perfect and masterful. It is as though she captures the spirit of Nan, and indeed of the place. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something fresh and different. A sumptuous, informative, and surprisingly meditative experience, suited to anyone interested in literature, artistic beauty, and, of course, the natural world.