Toys at the library

Westmeath Libraries are delighted to announce that we have started to develop a Toy Library, enabling you to borrow toys and games from Westmeath Libraries. Check the catalogue to see some of the options available

Westmeath Libraries’ Toys & Games promotes play for adults and children of all ages, enabling families and individuals to borrow quality toys and games.

Many toys end up in the bin after being used for only 6 months, and they can be difficult to recycle as they often contain a mix of materials. The Toys & Games at Westmeath Libraries aims to address this environmental challenge through lending a wide selection of toys and games.

Toys & Games currently available include: 

  • Beginner pattern blocks
  • Shape sorting clock
  • Magnetic dress-up doll
  • Rainbow caterpillar
  • Many different wheels : Lego Classic
  • Geometric Shapes.
  • My magnetic daily calendar
  • Bingo :a compact fast paced game suitable for the whole family
  • Chess & Draughts : wooden board and pieces
  • Classic Wood :Chess. Checker. Backgammon.
  • Domino
  • Games collection : 400 possible games
  • Deck of cards
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Scrabble
  • with more to be added in near future

Conditions of Use

Any member of the library may borrow the toys & games, subject to age restrictions. The member borrowing an item is responsible for ensuring that only children of an appropriate age play with the toy.

The loan period is three weeks. The loan period may be extended by renewing the item online, by phone or in person. Subject to availability, library members may borrow up to 12 items including 2 games at any one time.

Please inform library staff if equipment is faulty or incomplete. Westmeath Libraries will make all reasonable efforts to list toys on its online catalogue faithfully, detailing the condition that they are in and what existing wear and tear they are subject to.

Children should be monitored while using the equipment.

Subject to availability, library members may borrow up to 2 toys or games at any one time per membership card.

Donations Policy

Westmeath County Library Service welcomes donations of Toys & Games that are in good to excellent condition. For instance, in boxes, with no missing pieces. Instructions booklets included where appropriate.

Westmeath Libraries reserves the right to accept or reject any donation. Donations must be deposited outright and unconditionally with ownership transferring immediately.