Understanding our European Family through history

On the 9th of May 2023 we celebrated 50 years of Ireland in the EU with a number of events, including a get together of the European Reading Group for "Understanding our European Family through history".

The Mullingar European History Reading Group has been meeting for over 5 years now, getting together to read about EU member states and discuss the books, the history, and the culture of Europe. For this launch of their reading list special guest Francis Jacobs spoke on the European Union, and its development. Francis Jacobs was an official at the European Parliament from 1979 to 2016. He is now a Visiting Professor at the Collegio Europeo in Parma and Senior Adjunct Research Fellow at University College Dublin.

Have you read any of the books they recommend (see below)? Or have you any to add to their list? Why not join the Reading Group as they continue to explore Europe through books? Contact Ruth (click here) for more information.