World Refugee Day on Sunday 20th June

UNHCR Ireland Refugee Book Reading Campaign 19th - 26th June

World Refugee Day on Sunday 20th June is a day to think of the experiences of the 25 million refugees worldwide. Men, women and children who may never see their loved ones or homeland again.

How would you react if you had to leave your home at a moments notice? What would you bring? Where would you go? How would you adjust to living in a new place where everyone sounded and spoke differently?

Join Us for the UNHCR Ireland Refugee Book Reading Campaign 19 - 26th June 2021

Westmeath Libraries are joining with UNHCR and Children's Books Ireland to invite all our members to pick up a book and experience life as someone forced to flee. Whether its fact, fiction, autobiography or photography, this annual book reading campaign, gives readers an opportunity to see the world from the perspective of one of the world’s 25 million refugees.

Check out the reading list here

Call into any of our Westmeath Libraries and choose a book from our display. We also have a large number of titles available on our borrow box App. Westmeath Libraries Children's Books Ireland UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency #WithRefugees #WorldRefugeeDay