Digital newspapers

From February 2020 the Proquest database will no longer be offered nationally to all public library members. Instead, library members will have access to the Press Reader digital newspaper service

Press Reader

 Westmeath  Libraries are delighted to offer you unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers via our new PressrReader subscription.

With over 6,000 publications from over 100 countries in 60+ languages, PressReader is the leading digital newspaper and magazine provider for premium content. As a library customer, you will have on and off-site access courtesy of your local library. Explore titles such as the Irish Independent, The Guardian, Washington Post, Grazia, Vogue, Forbes, and much more from all over the world. The new PressReader platform allows you to customize your reading experience, gain international perspectives, and engage with topics of interests through our bookmark, share, translate, and comment features.

To use PressReader you will need an up to date Library Card from Westmeath  Libraries- Please contact your local library or email if you have any problems with your membership or PiN details.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

1: Download the PressReader App from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  Alternatively visit

2: Select ‘Sign In’ then choose ‘Libraries & Groups’ as your Sign-in method.

3: Search for Westmeath as your Library Provider then enter your Library Card number eg. 20019000123456

Irish Times Digital Archive

The Irish Times Digital Archive is a fully searchable reproduction of all editions of the Irish Times from 1859 onwards. This offers researchers, students and people with an interest in Irish history access to a valuable source of information.

Visit your local library to gain free access to the  Irish Times Archive 

Irish Newspaper Archives

Irish Newspaper Archives provides access to fully searchable reproductions of a wide number of Irish newspapers. Explore Ireland's Heritage by browsing through key dates in Irish history. Why not browse the Freeman's Journal at the time of Wolfe Tone's Rebellion or look through The Nation at the time of the Great Famine? Alternatively, explore selected years of the Westmeath Examiner,the Meath Chronicle, the Anglo-Celt or the Connaught Tribune, to mention a few of the local papers available.

All this can be explored for free from the comfort of your local Westmeath Library.