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It's more than just stock images and flashy colors; Transparent Language Online really works, which is why people love using it. Sign up today for free with your library card. Already signed up? Simply login to your languages classes and start learning.

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Transparent Languages can be accessed through Transparent Language Online. You can visit online at

You will have to register for a free account, with your library number. To do this: 

Sign up to language classes
Sign Up
  • Click "Sign Up"
  • Enter your library card number and click on submit
  • Fill out the details on the form
  • Remember to tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click on "Create Account"
  • Congratulations you have now successfully registered with Transparent Languages and can now start learning

Start Learning

To start your languages classes simply click on a language in the list, or type in the search box

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Choose a language

Need more assistance? Online help is available, or why not call in to your local library and ask a member of staff.

Many of the language classes have multiple options. If, for example, you click on English you will get the option to choose a course based on your own first language. Including English for Speakers of Italian, Arabic, Ukrainian, and many more.

Where available you can also use the KidSpeak option. This is a fun, animated application designed to teach languages to children.

Note: This feature is not available for all languages.