Useful books:

Overcoming Anxiety
Helen Kennerley
London: Robinson, 2009

How to Stop Worrying
Frank Tallis
London: Sheldon Press, 2009

How to Master Anxiety : all you need to know to overcome stress, panic attacks, phobias, trauma, obessions and more
Joe Griffin and IvanTyrell ; with Denise Winn.
Chalvington, East Sussex : HG Publishing, 2007.

Living with Fear : understanding and coping with anxiety
Isaac M. Marks.
London :  McGraw-Hill,  2001.

Anxiety, Phobias and Panic
Reneau Z. Peurifoy
London: Piatkus, 2007

The anxiety & phobia workbook
Edmund J. Bourne.
Oakland, Calif. : New Harbinger, 2005.

Essential Help for your Nerves: recover from nervous fatigue and overcome stress and fear
Claire Weekes
London:  Thorsons, 2000

Self-help for your Nerves
Claire Weekes.
London : Thorsons,1995.

Beyond Fear
Dorothy Rowe
London:  Harper Perennial, 2007

When Panic Attacks
Áine Tubridy.
Dublin : Newleaf, 2007.

Panic Attacks :  what they are, why they happen and what you can do about them
Christine Ingham.
London : Thorsons, 2000.

Overcoming Panic and Agoraphobia : a self-help guide using cognitive behavioral techniques
Derrick Silove and Vijaya Manicavasagar.
London : Robinson, 1997.

Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness
Gillian Butler
London:  Constable & Robinson, 1999

Triumph Over Shyness : conquering shyness and social anxiety
Murray B. Stein, John R. Walker.
New York : McGraw-Hill, 2002.

Dying of Embarrassment : help for social anxiety & phobia
Barbara G. Markway et. al.
Oakland, Calif. : New Harbinger,  1992.

Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
David Veale & Rob Willson
London: Robinson 2005

Understanding Obsessions and Compulsions :  a self-help manual
Frank Tallis.
London : Sheldon, 1992.

Stop Worrying about your Health! : how to quit obsessing about symptoms and feel better now
George Zgourides.
Oakland, Calif. :  New Harbinger ; Enfield,2002.

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Useful websites:
helps inspire young people to improve their mental health
Social Anxiety Support, forums on social anxiety


Aware:  1890 303 302
Mental Health Ireland:  01 2841166/ 086  8353387
Samaritans :1850 609 090
Low Cost Counselling : 087 684 7088