Useful books:

Living with Schizophrenia
Neel Burton and Phil Davison
London: Sheldon Press, 2007

100 Questions and Answers about your Child’s Schizophrenia
Josiane  Cobert
Sudbury M.A.: Jones & Bartlett, 2010

Schizophrenia: a very short introduction
Christopher Frith and Eve Johnstone
Oxford: O.U.P, 2003

Family Work for Schizophrenia: a practical guide
Elizabeth Kuipers
London: Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2006

The Everything Health Guide to Schizophrenia
Dean Haycock
Massachussetts:  Adams Media, 2009

Coping with Schizophrenia : a guide for patients, families and caregivers
Steven Jones and Peter Hayward.
Oxford : Oneworld, 2005.

100 Questions & Answers about Schizophrenia :painful minds
Lynn E. DeLisi.
Sudbury, Mass. ; Jones and Bartlett, 2006.

Your Guide to Schizophrenia
Adrianne M. Reveley.
London : Hodder Arnold, 2006.

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Useful websites:
Shine (Schizophrenia Ireland)
Schizophrenia information resources
Irish youth website
Irish youth website


Shine Information Hotline: 1890 621 631
Peer Advocacy Westmeath Contact : 087-6685756