Czech Artist Jaro Waldeck launches solo exhibition in Mullingar

Photographer and cinematographer Jaro Waldeck has launched her solo exhibition, which explores the beauty of the Swedish landscape, in the Atium space in Mullingar. The Exhibition will run from 17 April - 28 April 2023.

Jaro earned her Bachelors degree in film and video from Columbia College Chicago in 2008, with specialization in cinematography. Upon her graduation she was placed on a coveted internship with Phedon Papamichael, ASC on a feature film "W." directed by Oliver Stone. She then moved to Prague and was accepted into the Masters in cinematography degree program at Film and TV Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), which accepts only four students per year.
Jaro graduated in 2011 and was invited into the Czech Society of Cinematographers.

In 2012 she moved to Ireland. Since then she's worked on over fifty narrative and documentary features, shorts, music videos, TV reality and documentary series.

Read Jaro's intorduction to the exhibition below:

"The line between what is real and what isn’t is a curved one. Photography has always been a medium used to capture the truth of a moment, and as well as a medium that could contort a moment, a situation, a scenery to the beholder’s vision. Through my studies of photography and cinematography, I have had the privilege to learn from the masters of imagery and storytelling and have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the mechanical, optical, physical and chemical properties of a imagecapture, whether on film or on a digital sensor. I have learned the tools of expositometry, lighting, composition, colour theory, light transmission and dispersion, as well as chemical reactions of a film stock during exposure, development and printing. And with the the technical knowledge of the photographic tools, I look at the world around me with a different eye - the eye that imagines a reality altered. With this eye, I try to find beauty in everything and wherever I point my camera, I utilise the technical knowledge to capture that which is present in the moment, and expand it to that which is unseen by most. Whether through depth of field, field of view, time of exposure, sensitivity of the originating medium, I seek to accentuate elements of any given moment to create the most beautiful, mesmerising image.

Because I have relatives that live in Sweden, I often travel there and explore the landscapes and nature of this land. At first, the land can seem equally barren and wooded, and dotted with countless lakes of different sizes. On windless days, the surface of the water is like the most precisely poured mirror glass. Colours are saturated on clear days and during misty mornings they are almost reduced to a monochrome experience. During the lockdown of 2020 when the entire world quieted down, the nature had a chance to regenerate and regain its magic amidst a less polluted air and water. I spent some time isolating in Sweden and used it to spend countless hours outdoors in nature, with my camera, tripod and lenses, and captured the stillness of the world around me.

I bring you a collection of photographs representing this magical land."

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