Hidden in Wood II exhibition

An exhibition of artwork by Richie Clarke in the Atrium Gallery, County Buildings, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Launching 6.15pm - Thursday 15th September 2022

"I have been woodcarving for almost twenty years. A carpenter/cabinet maker by trade, wood carving seemed a totally natural progression for me.  I am mostly self-taught but have been lucky enough to have had tuition from Chris Pye the master woodcarver. My influences are mainly Celtic mythology and Irish folklore and fantasy literature such as Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss and George R R Martin. Characters from Irish mythology and folklore offer me a wealth of amazing material to work with.  The beauty of carving a mythological figure is that it comes with an enchanting story and a cultural aspect that people can connect with. Also, symbols such as “The Green Man” convey a message of the green energy of nature, rebirth and wisdom."

Richie Clarke - https://www.rcwoodcarving.com/