Creative Ireland Westmeath 2024

As part of Westmeath County Council’s Creative Ireland Programme for 2024, we will be inviting applications for the Westmeath Creative Ireland Community Grant in early 2024.

The Westmeath Creative Ireland Community Grant is a county-wide call to community groups, organisations, venues, and individuals working in the creative arts including arts, culture, and heritage. The call encourages the development of high-quality creative projects and programmes which enable groups and individuals to realise their full creative potential.

We are open to project proposals that involve groups that have had little or no previous involvement in creativity and culture projects for any reason such as economic, geographic, or having lacked awareness or opportunity. We will endeavour to give whatever advice and assistance we can to ensure your project can achieve the best possible experience for everyone involved.

If you are starting to plan your Creative Ireland project for 2024 and are not sure where you should begin, have a look at the Creative Ireland website for inspiration. We are open to proposals which encompass any creative idea or activity.

If you have any queries, email

Photo taken by Andrea Cullen at a 2023 Coterie event.