Royal Sites on UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

The ancient Royal Sites of Ireland were one of three successful bids to be included on Ireland’s Tentative List for UNESCO World Heritage Status, which was announced last week: The Royal Sites are: Emain Macha/Navan Fort (Co. Armagh) site of the Kings of Ulster, Dun Ailline (Co. Kildare) site of the King of Leinster, Rathcroghan (Co. Roscommon) for the Kings of Connaught, the Kings of Munster had their seat at The Rock of Cashel (Co. Tipperary), and Tara (Co Meath) in the Ancient fifth province of Midhe was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. The Hill of Uisneach (here in Co. Westmeath), was the centre or ‘omphalos’ where the five kingdoms met. Securing a place on the Tentative List is the first step in the process of consideration for nomination for UNESCO World Heritage Status.