Sensory stories

We are delighted to announce a series of events in Westmeath Libraries around the world of Sensory Story times. Sensory stories can open up a world of different experiences for participants. This programme of events will include story times in our libraries, as well as a series of talks for parents/carers/teachers.

Funded by Dormant Accounts 2022

Building a Sensory Tool-Kit with Eleanor Glennon

The return of school means the return of routine, however it can also lead to big feelings for some kids. Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to support your child in this big transition, and future challenges which may arise. When children are struggling with their big feelings, it can be difficult to witness them in distress. Arming yourself with some tools to support them can feel empowering for you and comforting for your child. Building a sensory tool-kit will allow adults to learn how to support children when they are getting dysregulated, and how to bring calm to chaos. This talk will walk you through the sensory system, and how your child’s individual sensory needs impact their ability to self-regulate and manage stressful situations. After covering the basics, we will look at specific strategies which are rooted in sensory and connection. These strategies will help to prepare children for transitions in and out of school/activities, and can also be used to calm and soothe in times of distress. Finally, we will look at how you can utilise your local library’s sensory room/space as a tool in your sensory toolkit!

Play-time with your child with Eleanor Glennon

This talk will focus on developing skills for playing with your child. We will look at this through a sensory-lens, and look at ways in which you can meet your which where they are at through sensory play. Parenting a child with additional needs can include extra appointments, meetings, phone calls or therapy. Sometimes the joy and fun can get lost amidst the busy-ness of meeting your family’s needs. This workshop will help participants learn about the benefits of special play-time and discover alternative ways to nurture your attachment with your child through play. We will discuss non-directive play and how you can tune in to get a glimpse into your child’s world through this attentive play. Children derive great benefit from playing solo in a sensory room as it is so calming, however it can also be beneficial for joint play with their carer as the soothing atmosphere offers a space for connection. Let’s look at how we can use sensory spaces to strengthen the carer-child relationship!

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Details of our Sensory Stories with Paul Timoney in all Westmeath Libraries - stay tuned for more details. All of these events are free, but space is limited so please register in advance

Funded by Dormant Accounts 2022