Internet & WiFi Policy

All Internet users must agree to the terms of this policy before accessing the internet in Westmeath Libraries

  • Internet content is not under the control of Westmeath Libraries and therefore we are not responsible for any of these sites, their content or their privacy policies. Password/login information is the responsibility of the user, and may require verification that is outside the control of the library.
  • Users are subject to all legislation with regard to the use of electronic communication. Each user is responsible for their own actions.
  • Use of the Library Computers by children/vulnerable adults is the responsibility of their parent/guardian. Westmeath Libraries bears no responsibility for the deliberate or unintentional exposure of children/vulnerable adults to disturbing or inappropriate content or images.
  • Unauthorised use of the service is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Accessing material which is pornographic, obscene, violent, racist, defamatory, illegal or of a sexual nature.
    • Behaviour which is of a threatening nature or causes harassment or offence to others
    • Attempting to violate system security including interferences with network and databases, both within the library and on the wider Internet
    • Users will not access, or attempt to access, download or share, any material that is likely to be considered unlawful or offensive. Any infringements are the responsibility of the user.
  • The use of Peer to Peer file sharing is expressly prohibited
  • Downloading or sharing of copyrighted material is expressly prohibited.
  • Any person involved in unauthorised use and who does not abide by this policy will have their access to the service withdrawn.
  • Content filtering software is installed which blocks access to unsuitable/illegal website and reports undesirable use of the internet
  • Users should be aware that as electronic security cannot be guaranteed, the Library bears no responsibility for unauthorized access to transactions and communications undertaken by users or any other problems users may encounter with e-mails, banking/credit card transactions, online bookings, shopping etc.
  • Users are reminded that the Library WiFi service and Computers may be unavailable for technical or other reasons beyond the control of staff.