7 April 2021
Twilight Spring

Submitted by Maitrayi Mondal - This photo was taken on the Athlone Bridge overlooking the Shannon at the advent of spring last year - just before COVID-19 locked us all in and away from these beautiful vistas.

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1 April 2021
West Bank of the Shannon

Submitted by Denise Lawlor - Taken Dec 2020 off Google Pixel camera phone I feel this picture is unique for a couple of reasons - it was taken as I walked back home after shopping during our first ever Covid Christmas for one !! However, despite that, I find this picture really uplifting & cheerful […]

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12 February 2021
Athlone in the Spring light

Do you feel that the routes you take for regular exercise are currently “On Repeat”?  Well here is your opportunity to shake that up!  With the “Fresh Eyes” project, you are being asked to observe, notice, admire; then capture what you loved in a photo. Whereas we get many days in February that aren’t sunny, […]

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