Get Ireland Growing - 19th June 2021

Why not celebrate Get Ireland Growing day, by using as many homegrown ingredients as possible in creating a delicious meal, ideal for outdoor dining?

My meal is of barbequed Vegetable Skewers with a Salad, followed by barbequed Spuds with homemade Pesto.

I already had a batch of my “Back Garden Pesto” made (and it featured in a previous WL Blog), and so for this Meal, I started by preparing the Skewers.  I chopped the vegetables into large pieces, and marinaded them in olive oil, paprika and a little chilli.  After that, I washed the spuds.  I had to chop them into smaller pieces, but ideally whole, smaller ones would work better if you have them. 

In my Chick Pea Salad, I put a variety of salad leaves, cucumber and carrot, red onion and pea shoots.  The salad dressing is olive oil, salt and pepper, and a couple of drops of Doterra lemon (essential oil). 

The Skewers were quick to cook.  I had purposely chosen contrasting flavours and textures, for maximum taste impact.  Two skewers are enough per person, I think.

As soon as the Skewers came off the barbecue, I popped on the spuds.  These take a while but make a lovely second course, eaten with a knob of butter and some pesto. 

This meal is a great one to share outdoors with family and/or friends.  Enjoy your seasonal dining, and Well Done to all who grew their own dinner!