Jam Making

by Irene in Mullingar Library

Summer is here and that means it’s Jam making time! Fruit picking is a great way to spend time outdoors and all the family can get involved. Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries  as well as black, red and white currants are all ripening and make the most delicious jams, preserves and cordials.

It is so easy to go from this

To this

The hedgerows are full of the most beautiful aromatic elderflower blossoms which can be made into refreshing cordials, so why not take a walk and pick some elderflower blossoms and make some cordial. In the autumn elderberries can be made into jam!

From now until the autumn fruits can be made into cordials, jams and preserves, there is enormous variety to the flavour combinations that you can produce, it is incredibly rewarding to make your own produce and is surprisingly easy!

Westmeath libraries has an excellent selection of books on jams and preserves so come to the library and get your jam making experience started.