Ian Kenneally

8 May 2023
Alice Ginnell’s Civil War: December 1921 to July 1922

In an earlier edition (see article by Dr Ann Marie O’Brien) and podcast, we discussed the life and career of Alice King who was born near Mullingar in 1882 to James and Georgina King. On 30 January 1902 she married Laurence Ginnell (whose career we followed in these podcasts and in the following article by […]

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1 December 2022
Civil War in Glasson

Previous articles traced the course of the conflict as it moved from conventional to guerrilla warfare. Here, we discuss one example of such guerrilla warfare: a fatal ambush carried out by the anti-Treaty IRA in Glasson, near Athlone, in late August 1922. The Irish Independent was the first to carry the news. On Saturday 26 […]

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