Decade of Centenary

29 April 2024

Applications are invited for a special bursary which will enable creative practitioners to explore, in a creative way (be that music, performance, film, writing or another form) themes of commemoration and/or significant anniversaries and historical events. The bursary is supported by the Commemorations Initiative, Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in partnership […]

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22 May 2023
Bursary Award Scheme for Creative practitioners Westmeath Decade of Centenaries 2023

Westmeath County Council Culture and Creativity Team invites submissions for a special bursary which will enable creative practitioners to explore, in a creative way (be that music, performance, film, writing or another form), the themes and events of the Decade of Centenaries.The bursary award scheme is funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, […]

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8 May 2023
Alice Ginnell’s Civil War: December 1921 to July 1922

In an earlier edition (see article by Dr Ann Marie O’Brien) and podcast, we discussed the life and career of Alice King who was born near Mullingar in 1882 to James and Georgina King. On 30 January 1902 she married Laurence Ginnell (whose career we followed in these podcasts and in the following article by […]

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1 December 2022
Civil War in Glasson

Previous articles traced the course of the conflict as it moved from conventional to guerrilla warfare. Here, we discuss one example of such guerrilla warfare: a fatal ambush carried out by the anti-Treaty IRA in Glasson, near Athlone, in late August 1922. The Irish Independent was the first to carry the news. On Saturday 26 […]

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30 November 2022
The assassination of Sir Henry Wilson

Ronan McGreevy is a journalist and videographer with The Irish Times. He is the author of the book ‘Wherever the Firing Line Extends: Ireland and the Western Front’1. McGreevy is the editor of Centenary, Ireland remembers 1916 the official State book recalling the commemorations of 2016. He is the author of the recently published, much […]

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5 October 2022
Sibhialta Atá mé -  Civil I am

Westmeath County Council, as part of its Decade of Centenaries programme, welcomes a new exhibition of photos from the Irish Civil War. Titled ‘Civil I Am’, the exhibition showcases around 40 images from the conflict, all collected from various archives and libraries. Curated by Galway-based historian Damien Quinn, the exhibition was recently displayed in Galway’s […]

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5 September 2022
The guerrilla phase of the Irish Civil War

In the second of two articles, guest contributor Dr. John O’Callaghan explains how the anti-Treaty IRA responded to the victories won by the National Army during the early weeks of the Civil War. The opening phase of the Civil War was characterised by large-scale, fixed-position, conventional confrontations between the pro-Treaty National Army and the anti-Treaty […]

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30 August 2022
The conventional phase of the Irish Civil War

Dr John O’Callaghan, our latest guest contributor, provides an overview of the fighting during the early stages of the Civil War. The opening, conventional phase of the Civil War was characterised by large-scale confrontations between the anti-Treaty IRA and the pro-Treaty National Army in the summer of 1922, after which the National Army had established […]

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22 August 2022
‘Tragedy and Shame’: the death of Michael Collins

by Ian Kenneally ‘A thrill of horror’, according to the Westmeath Independent, ‘of shame, of despair, of the deepest distress went through the length and breadth of our land on Wednesday morning last when it was learned that General Michael Collins had been shot dead in Cork. Another great Irishman is gone; another great loss has […]

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17 August 2022
A divided town: part two

Ian Kenneally In the previous article, we explored the circumstances that led to the shooting dead of George Adamson in April 1922. Here, we look in more detail at the subsequent propaganda battle in which both pro- and anti-Treaty forces blamed each other for Adamson’s death. That propaganda battle began with, as discussed in the […]

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