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Moydrum Castle, near Athlone. It was burned down by the IRA’s Athlone Brigade in 1921. The destruction of the house was part of a series of related events that included the capture of Sean MacEoin by the Crown forces, the shooting dead of Brigadier-General Thomas Stanton Lambert by the IRA and the burning of houses near Athlone by the Crown forces.

In January 2021, the Old Athlone Society launched a new website - midlandshistory.com. This site, which the society will update regularly, provides articles and information on the War of Independence and the Civil War. The site was developed as an initiative under the Decade of Centenaries programme. While it concentrates on the Midlands, many articles provide a national context.

The site is currently focused on the War of Independence and the Civil War, with particular attention paid to Westmeath. However, it also contains articles on Longford and Offaly. The society will further develop the site over time, adding more information on the War of Independence and the Civil War in the region, as well as on the years before 1919.

At the moment, the site allows you to download pdf copies of articles from the latest two editions of the Old Athlone Society’s journal. The society welcomes any relevant information, photos or documents that can be added to the site.

Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 13/01/2021