Local newspapers are available on microfilm and date from the 1800’s. The Westmeath Examiner is also available on the Irish Newspaper Archives website, available in your local library. In 2022 we also added the British Newspaper Archive to those available online in our libraries, please ask in the library if you need assistance accessing this service. Through our Library Online we also offer access to numerous international newspapers, while the focus here is on current news, some will have archives available. See our Digital Newspaper page for more information.
Before your visit contact us by e-mail or with a phone-call to book access.

In addition, there are some available in original paper format. Due to the fragile nature of the original paper editions, photocopying is prohibited.

Newspapers Available on microfilm at the Local Studies Dept., Mullingar Library.

  • Midland Reporter and Westmeath Nationalist 1891-1939
  • Westmeath Guardian 1835-1896
  • Midland Chronicle and Westmeath Independent: Mullingar 1827
  • Midland Herald 1949-1956
  • Westmeath Journal 1813, 1823-1834
  • Westmeath Examiner 1882-2009
  • Sunday Tribune 1983-1985

Original newspapers at  Mullingar Library

  • Midland Topic 1975-1977, 1986-1990
  • Westmeath Topic 1991-2008

Newspapers Available on Microfilm at Aidan Heavey Library, Athlone.

  • Athlone Independent 1833-1836
  • Athlone Sentinel 1834-1861
  • Athlone Conservative Advocat June 1837
  • Athlone Mirror 1841-1842
  • Westmeath Herald 1859-1861
  • Westmeath Independent 1860-1920, 1923- 2009
  • Athlone Times 1887, 1889-1900
  • Athlone News 1961-1962
  • Athlone Observer 1985-1995

Original newspapers at Aidan Heavey Library, Athlone.

  • Athlone Topic 2004-2007
  • Athlone Voice 2003-2008