LOTE Online

LOTE Online for Kids is an online database of digital picture books in World Languages that allows children to enjoy the magic of books in LOTE (Languages Other Than English) – all offered FREE to members of Westmeath Libraries. Each book also comes with English translations to help develop multilingual reading and listening skills. Kids can also watch a selection of English-only books with Australian, US and UK accents.

LOTE Online for Kids has 1500+ digital picture books in 50+ languages, with new books and languages released each month, so there’s always new content to enjoy!

On your browser: Simply follow the link www.lote4kids.com/uk-westmeath-county-council/, then enter your library card number and click “Submit Query”.

Titles are available in more than 50 languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Indonesian, Nepali, Serbian, Swahili, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and many more.

Not yet a member of the library? Sign up online, or in your local library.

Funded by Dormant Accounts Fund