21 December 2022
Red on the Holly

Westmeath Libraries invite you to celebrate this Christmas with one of our local poets, Michael Walsh, a native of Fore, Co. Westmeath. In this collection, Red on the Holly published in the 1930s, Walsh shares with the reader a "gift book of Christmas song". Why not call in to your local library and have a […]

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28 March 2021
Old is relative

Submitted by Jacqui Russell - This was taken at Fore, just around astronomical darkness. I was only playing with a new lens, but I really love how it came out, and seeing Fore against a backdrop of the ageless stars.

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20 June 2019
The Westmeath Barrow Survey

Barrows are prehistoric burial sites, typically defined by a circular ditch surrounding a mound and/or a bank. They date from the Bronze Age (c.2,5000 -700 BC) through to the Iron Age (c.700 BC – AD 400) (i.e. c. 4,500 – 1,500 years ago). County Westmeath has one of the largest concentrations of barrows in Ireland […]

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