Spark of genius

10 October 2023
Hanna Greally

HANNA GREALLY, Author: was born in Athlone in 1925.  She grew up in Pearse Street, and was a popular and happy young girl. At nineteen she was admitted to St Loman’s Hospital in Mullingar and remained there until she negotiated her own release in 1962 having agreed to go into the care of Coolamber Manor, […]

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3 August 2023
Leo Daly

LEO DALY, Writer, Photographer and Broadcaster: was born in Mullingar in Mullingar in 1920.  Leo Daly’s contribution to the literary and cultural life of Mullingar was enormous.  In the 1950s and 60s he wrote several plays which were widely produced.  A keen Joycean scholar Leo wrote two books and several articles dealing with James Joyce […]

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4 July 2023
Adolphus Cooke

Adolphus Cooke of Cookesborough (1792-1876) – Eccentric : Adolphus Cooke was probably the greatest eccentric Westmeath has yet produced. The illegitimate son of Robert Cooke, he was educated in England and served under Wellington in Spain and Portugal before traveling through Africa. Robert Cooke died in 1835; as his two legitimate sons had predeceased him, […]

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